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There are 4 comments on POV: During Advent, a Call to Remember the Uninsured

  1. Your drawing the ACA into the holiday season is as silly as ‘pajama boy’ all over again …

    The ACA will go down in history as the stupidest piece of legislation in history! It was a ‘rough draft’ turned in as a ‘final paper’ and as a result will be clogging the Courts for YEARS into the future. It was built on a false premise (that somehow healthcare making healthcare accessible also makes it affordable – it’s nonsensical), jammed through a legislative process against the National will (it has NEVER polled above 50% favorable with We the People), and the source of one of politics worst lies EVER (if you like your doctor/plan, you can keep your doctor/plan – period)!

    Millions have been jammed into the free healthcare ranks (and millions have been tossed off of plans they liked) … it’s a colossal budget buster (irony intended as this administration will have operated for nearly 7 years without an approved budget) … and the CBO has finally tossed in the towel – they can’t price it anymore!

    Let’s leave Advent and the Holiday Season alone … I’ll wish you all the best and plan to spend Christmas with my family praying that this is indeed the end of The Great Liberal Experiment in my lifetime.

  2. We all know that Jesus, The Son Of God, was a great healer.
    What we also know is that in his time there was no Federally Mandated Health system, where half the population would be saddled with tripling premiums, and degraded plans with high deductibles.
    I would consider giving of my charity for urgent care for the indigent, that is those who are here legally and have put into the system, but not that we should forced to give another sixth of the economy to the State, to mismanage as an increased dependency.
    The Health system had it problems before, but what we needed was a scalpel, not a guillotine. Now we see AHCA champions running away from it, hardly any of them were re-elected, Gruber, the architect has been exposed reveling in the stupidity of the American Public for buying into it, hundreds of thousands have lost their policies. BU will be required to pay the Fed 31.5 million next year because we employees apparently have a “Cadillac” health plan. Whose pocket will that come from? When the full force of this mistake becomes realised in the coming year, and the financial ruin takes place, will you be joyful?.

  3. “Those who fall within the coverage gap are white, black, Hispanic, and primarily ages 19 to 54. More than 66 percent have a family member who works full- or part-time.”
    Thank you for narrowing that down to 90% of the population. This is legitimately the best way to say absolutely nothing I’ve ever seen.
    Furthermore, although separation of church and state isn’t in the Constitution it is still one of the core values of our government. Basically, why should states care about Jesus’s teaching? Let them do what they see fit for their constituents, not what Christianity says is best.
    Finally, does Ferguson really need to be used as supporting evidence here? It seems you recognized how controversial the ACA is, so you figured you’d throw some other controversial stuff in to see if it sticks. Shame on you for writing that people must have “anti–African American attitudes” for not expanding Medicaid. I don’t even know you and I’m disappointed in you. Medicaid is a complicated issue all its own, and cutting off half the debate by accusing racism is embarrassing.

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