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There are 16 comments on POV: Refusing Syrian Refugee Admissions—A Reality Check

  1. Great legal case but with millions upon millions of people suffering around the globe, not just in Syria, I don’t see anything substantiating your “morally indefensible” statement.

  2. Closing the door to those fleeing their countries as an only way to survive is, indeed, morally indefensible. I trust that the US will continue to seek ways to allow more refugees to enter the US and refuse to close doors. Thank you for this POV.

  3. Even if accept all Syrian refugees it will change US population less than 5%, so they can not affect our way of live. They will just add little more diversity. Beside it is our moral obligation to help, since we was one who ignited conflict and poured oil into the fire by providing money and weapon to whole spectrum of criminal groups now operating in Syria.

    1. Syrian refugees would be coming here for a better life, not to embrace western values and notions of human rights. They were happy in Syria before the present conflict.

      You mention “diversity”. Immigrant American “diversity” used to entail various groups cherishing their languages, customs, etc., while nevertheless adapting and integrating INTO American society. “Diversity” today in the U.S. = a gazillion, separate groups forming parallel cultures, living just as they did in their homelands, with LITTLE adapting or integration. Sorry, but this isn’t “diversity”, it’s “multi ex uno” instead of “e pluribus unum”. The upside is, once a year, each group gets to have a parade to “celebrate” itself. Woo hoo.

      1. They come to be alive, and viewing integration as one-way street is mistake which lead to isolation, increased hatred and xenophobia. Everyone, no matter from there he/she come or whatever reason come to our country, want to be productive and respected member of society. We all human and this is in our nature. On the other hand they cannot stop loving they motherland, cherish they language and culture. This is who they are. And it’s perfectly ok. If we will discriminate them for that and pressure to accept our value, they will lock in own communities there all misdeeds will be exaggerated and hatred will grow to new level.
        P.S. It would be great if we ourselves accept “western values” and notions of human rights. Even on government level: United States was one among 3 countries who did not support anti-Nazi UN resolution. We support and provide financing to openly neo-fascist regimes of Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. We consider as allies country with absolutely no respect to human rights as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  4. I appreciate your article and the detailed explanation of the policies shaping this issue. Supporting refugees should be held as a moral obligation, particularly for a nation of immigrants. That being said, I think criticizing Gov. Baker’s initial position is misguided. According to the Associated Press, Gov. Baker said, ‘‘I think at this point in time we would have to be very cautious about accepting folks without knowing a lot more about what the federal government’s plan looks like’’. Understanding that he is likely less fluent in the vetting process than a “School of Law clinical Teaching Fellow in the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic”, I would forgive his hesitation. Further, I would argue that taking time to assess a plan before blindly committing to it is a virtue that should be valued in politicians. If I were in his position, I would want to know more details.
    How many refugees will we accept?
    How will they be subsidized?
    How long/much will they be subsidized?
    Where will they enter the country?
    Where will they permanently settle?
    Again, I support helping the Syrian refugees and I believe that Gov. Baker does as well. However, he should be afforded the opportunity to pause and evaluate possible implications of his position before asserting one.

  5. Syrian Refugees, their plight genuine, are for many progressives in the U.S., I swear, the new “Biafran babies”, the “cause celebre”. In other words, it’s trendy. A city councilor in Cambridge Mass. – who claims to advocate affordable housing for that city’s residents, calling it a real need – wants to also bring as many refugees from across the globe to Cambridge, where they will be given: housing! Several years ago Haiti was decimated by earthquakes. Money and aide were sent to help those people, but not one liberal that I know of suggested that thousands of Haitians be relocated here, as refugees. Why was that? Is it because Haitians could be assisted, “in place? Why not Syrian refugees, near their homeland, surrounded by people of similar cultures?

    1. Hmmmmmm. Your bias is showing when you speak of what “liberals” want. Why are you bringing political views into this equation? Politicizing aside, the truth is that this is a culture of people whose population is getting raped, slaughtered, and on a good day, the basic freedom to move about taken away. You want to relocate Syrian refugees near their homeland? Understand the volatility of the region and you will understand why this is a Pollyanna type of vision. Plus, a check of facts courtesy of WorldVision International reveals that Turkey is hosting 1.9 million Syrian refugees. Iraq, having its own issues, is hosting 250,000. Another 1.1 million are taking shelter in Lebanon. “Shelter” is an interesting choice of words because most of these folk are living in abandoned buildings. Jordan has taken in 630,00. 80,000 live in Za’atari, a camp near the northern border of Syria. Wanna know how many the U.N. has referred to the United States? 22,427. I would say that the regions bordering Syria are doing their fair share. Finally, Emma Lazarus’ poem is still inscribed at the base of Lady Liberty; is it time to reject “your tired, your poor, your huddle masses”? Start organizing to meet with your congressman then.

  6. I have to laugh when Obama and others talk about the poor orphan children refugees. Have you looked at who is coming? I see young healthy men and few women and children.
    What about taking care of own people especially poor inner city blacks and poor whites in Kentucky and Tennesee.
    When these refugees come tbhey wil get all the government benefits and are free to travel and settle anywher in the US. Wjere does the money come from to pay for this? They can also send for their relatives-chain migration. This wil affect the composition of the US. IDversity is good but at what price? They really wont asimilate like other groups because of their religious restrictions.

  7. The United States is home of the Brave. Let all immigrants serve in the Armed Forces for 3 years to prove their loyalty to the US. They didn’t want to do it for the country they were fleeing. Everyone wants an entitlement or be an exception.

    1. “Let all immigrants serve in the Armed Forces for 3 years”

      Even the infants & toddlers? Think a bit more before writing. Despite your screen name, there’s little logic in your comments.

  8. Like all Americans, refugees should be free to choose or decline to serve in the military. This includes applying for Conscientious Objector status for those opposing war & militarism on moral grounds. Though it took a couple of centuries to secure them, these rights are now part of the American way.

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