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There are 27 comments on POV: Comparing Trump to Hitler Misses the Point

          1. Yep, history hasn’t changed. I looked, and it’s all still there. Take from the successful Jews and redistribute it to the Arians while nationalizing certain industries. You’re probably champing at the bit to explain why Democratic Socialism is so much different and better than National Socialism. Can’t help but fall hook, line, and sinker for free education, huh?

          2. Hitler was not a Socialist! Hitler was a National Socialist. A typical left leaner, more in common with the Ideals of Marx and Engels than his neighbors to the east. So don’t give pure Socialism a bad name, just because it didn’t work out sometimes. I can think of many instances where it could have worked better, if only people gave up on things like their individuality. Long live the collective!

          3. Peter, it’s obvious I’m not a Bernie supporter, so you’re trolling me, right? You can’t honestly believe sacrificing individualism (aka freedom) for collectivism. The whole theory of socialism was (I’ll admit) a great idea, but human nature prevents it from working. That’s why capitalism has prevailed and is being taught in your econ class right now.

  1. I appreciated this commentary, and the powerful message that it spreads forward. In the year 2016, it is NOT acceptable to hold hate and discrimination as one’s guiding light. Donald Trump is an embarrassment of the United States on the world’s political stage, and should not be seen as representative of the modern American’s views. I hope and dream that he is crushed by the democratic system, and receives fewer votes than literally any alternative – because I fear the state of our country, should he be elected its leader.

    1. No, Trump is not Hitler; if he was he’d be 127 years old. Case closed.

      But it’s really Caryl Rivers who misses the point: Trump’s tactics, & supporters, resemble Hitler’s enough that the comparison is valid. Other astute posts here note certain similarities, but the most ominous one has been reported on repeatedly: the violence his admirers perpetrate against critics around the margins of his rallies. This kind of violence was a core hallmark of Nazi & fascist gatherings in the 1920s & 30s. (Cf. the links below, which describe THREE SEPARATE INCIDENTS. That’s enough to establish a pattern.) In GB, Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists was strongly criticized & opposed, & ultimately went nowhere. In Germany, not so much. Now, about the US today …. Time for decent Americans to step up to the plate!




  2. I get that it’s satire, but this article is seriously in poor taste.

    As someone’s who’s close family was subjected to the nazis, I cannot believe BU would allow something like this to be published. I know a lot of people’s dislike what he has said recently, but to compare him to one of the most evil people ever to walk the earth just goes to show how far Americans are from reality.

    Shame on you Caryl, and shame on this staff.

    1. Did you even read the article? Because that was the entire point of the article. The article was saying that comparing trump to hitler was exaggeration, and that he only really benefits off of fear. He’s using it to get media time, not as a platform. Read the article before you get mad.

    2. The article is responding to the fact that some people have said Donald Trump is Hitler. Caryl is proving that that statement is ridiculous. The two of you agree and there is no “shame on you” for Caryl.

      1. “But is Trump dangerous? Yes, although I don’t think about Hitler. I think Joe McCarthy, George Wallace, and David Duke.”

        To some, maybe the National Socialist was slightly less of a threat than those mentioned above..

  3. You really can’t be serious with this commentary. The Klan only wishes they had somebody like Trump as their Grand Dragon. Trump is following the Hitler playbook and the press is dropping the ball being blinded by bright lights and numbers. Hitler was a disgruntled artist. Trump was publicly humiliated by President Obama at a Press Dinner after Trumps “Detectives” failed to dispel any proof of Obama’s Birth Certificate. Hitler hired some of the best German Movie producers to sell his brand, Trump’s brand is “Trump” and he sells it every time he breathes. Hitler gained the trust of the German people using Jews as their scapegoats. Trump has done this with the Mexicans (as you correctly represented) and like Hitler, Trump made incredible plans like: removing ALL illegals ($$$$) building a wall ($$$$$$) and making Mexico pay for it (????) without going any further of his plans, There are no details on how to accomplish these multi- Trillion plans. Bu Trump is also just a Billionaire looking for nothing but power. He has his followers believing that he’s going to kick the crap out of Mexico and China while most of his product line is made ,,,, in China and Mexico.
    p.s. The Press has failed us on pressing Donal Trump. If they become a little intrusive, he will threaten not to give them an interview. (Which is what he actually needs to get his message across) this is a strange vicious circle.

  4. Trump is a fearmongerer, and frequently xenophobic. Encouraging fear and xenophobia are the first steps in building hate. Hitler knew this, and used it to build Naziism. Our responsibility as Americans is to say, “I reject these messages. I respect and support Mexicans and American Muslims. I wish them well and I refuse to vote for a candidate who spreads fear or hate.”

  5. Trump said some things which were hurtful, even though maybe true.

    He wants to build a wall, but I think that’s to keep American workers from going to Mexico to work, that’s why Mexico must pay for it. Why he even questions the overstayed visitors motives. Sure they’re are some depressing wages, running drugs, raping, murdering and our prisons are full, but I think that’s only because we want to be punished for past offenses. Can’t remember what those were it was so long ago.

    Also, He believes in silly old notions , like rewarding hard work,. Get over it! Merit is such a retired concept!
    Just give everyone the same equal amount of cash regardless, they’ll do what work they can in return. It’ll work. I hope.

    And the terror attacks he was recently ranting on. Well, you’d get violent if people said unkind words about your peaceful religion. Duh!

    So you can see why we must vote against Trump: He won’t end the war, He’ll cause the economy to tank, double the deficit. Race relations will sour…

    Trump has a full head of hair. Hitler had all of his too. I’m onto something….

  6. I’m not a fan of Trump–at all. But this is just a hit piece for a leftist academic publication. I think a more interesting comparison of contemporary American politicians to infamous counterparts would be Obama’s similarities to Hugo Chavez, but you’ll never hear that from BU Today.

    “Is Donald Trump Hitler? It’s a relevant question now…” No, it isn’t. And, if you’re looking for psychopaths in the 2016 presidential race you need look no farther than Hillary. Ignorance and demagoguery? Bernie has Trump beat by light years.

  7. Well first every one wants to blame Obama, look at mess he inherited from a former president that wanted to fight his daddy’s war? Now we have Trump, wants to cut social security and health care claims global warming does not exsist and wants to escalate war with Isis that could make things worse, maybe nuclear or a dirty bomb As country in November we should tell Trump ” YOUR FIRED”

  8. A fine article.
    Trump is a crude opportunist with utterly no class.

    The reality is that he will NOT be POTUS this time next week, but will be viewed as
    a deeper problem within US politics, that such a ghastly man was ever given the chance
    to hold such a powerful position.

    It is time for the GOP to look at whether they want to be out of power for years, by
    electing people who clearly cannot do the job of POTUS.

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