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There are 6 comments on Will Trump Be Removed for Inciting Wednesday’s Riot at the Capitol?

  1. My question, if Pelosi continues her quest to impeach Trump, isn’t she, for the millionth time, trying to invoke injustice towards President Trump? Isn’t there anything in our laws that prevent that? She is also spending millions and millions of dollars of the American people’s monies towards this injustice, just like she did with the first impeachment hearings. She is just pouring money in open pockets if the answer is “No” they will not be able to impeach the President based on their “inciting Insurrection” theory, so then, why isn’t there something in place (in our laws) where the impeachment is denied before it ever begins? I have read quite a few very learned lawyers discuss this and say the same as you – Impeachment is not going to happen. And they also said that barring Trump from running in the next election is very questionable and the barring more than likely will be proven as unconstitutional. So as a government, why would we even allow this impeachment proceeding less than two weeks from inauguration?

  2. Interesting that the lame stream media is so quick to call the Capitol event a “riot”, but they call burning down cities across the country a “peaceful protest.”

    1. It seems “riot” is perhaps the least inflammatory term being used to describe it. Insurrection, coup, and even armed insurrection seem to be used a great deal.
      Trump is not just facetiously accused of inciting a riot, but of sedition and treason.

      And, yes, the civil unrest this last summer was factually referred to as “mostly peaceful protests” – there were many thousands of such protest, and apparently, only about 7% turned into violent rioting, looting, arson or murder. Surely 93% is “mostly?” Even 70% peaceful might be honestly termed mostly-peaceful.

      By the same token there have been hundreds of ‘stop the steal’ protests since November. Only a few turning to violence or vandalism, only the capitol riot turning deadly. So, you could also claim “mostly peaceful protests.”

      But, really, June 2020 Minneapolis, or Jan 6 DC, they were riots.

  3. Law professors aren’t usually political analysts. From everything I’ve read and my experience with Capitol Hill, the House is very much going to impeach the President. It is also very likely that the House will impeach before the 20th as there is a process to speed up the vote. In fact, Andrew Johnson was impeached before the Articles of Impeachment were finished being drafted. As far as actual conviction, well only 3 Republicans say they are in favor of conviction so far. Maybe more will change thier minds after the FBI finishes thier investigation into whether there was a large scale conspiracy.

  4. Trump has been LITERALLY ABUSED by CONGRESS since he took office. This has been addressed as unlawful. Why hasn’t anyone been ACCOUNTABLE for this ABSURD Rationale. Hasn’t the Social Media brought attention to this on a daily basis. Everyone knows who is the main “culprit”! She has TORN the OFFICIAL Speech given by the President. NOW WHY WASN’T SHE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HER DESPICABLE ACTION. The WORLD are your WITNESSES.

    I cannot describe ALL the POSITIVE ACTIONS this President has FULFILLED during his term.!

    I have NEVER felt as strongly about this President as I do. If there is political news or speeches made by the President I am watching the progress.

    President Trump has MORE THAN EARNED the RIGHT without question having a MILITARY SEND OFF, without DEBATE!!!!

    This impeachment has apparently will no doubt be costly as the American people will be responsible for its cost. Again this President has not only given military WHAT THEY NEED to PROTECT this Country and more.
    I’m sorry, but Congress NEED to Answer why they can lie cheat and steal with no penalty.

    I’m proudly a PATRIOT and never never been Faithful to our CAUSE AND POSITIVE END FOR ALL PEOPLE. Thank Mr. President for your service. God Bless you and your Family!!

    Fair Winds
    Dr. A. Bryant PhD

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