Personal Liability

Given the size and number of activities at the University there are vast numbers of people present on our campus everyday. This may include students, family members and visitors, as well as the public at large. Sometimes, unfortunately, an accident occurs involving one of these people. If you witness an accident, or if someone reports to you that they just had an accident, here are the procedures to follow:

The first concern is for the person who just had the accident. Ask if they were injured as a result of the accident. If the injury requires immediate medical attention, call the Boston University Police Department (617-353-2121) at once. Regardless of the extent of injury, as much information as possible should be gathered at the time of the accident, while all the details are still fresh, in order to fill out a thorough Incident Report. This report should be faxed (617-353-8028) to Risk Management with the original to follow in the mail (25 Buick Street, First Floor, Room 130).

Do not automatically accept responsibility for the accident. The fact that someone had an accident on University property does not necessarily mean that the University is liable. Risk Management will investigate the accident, determine if the University has any liability, and will handle all potential claims.