Laptop Registration with STOP

The Boston University Police Department, in conjunction with STOP (Security?Tracking of Office Property), now offers laptop registration. Laptop computers?are tagged with an aluminum plate that aides in theft deterrence and enables?the safe return of lost, stolen, or misplaced laptops. The plate bears?a unique ID number, a message, and an 800 number to call for 24-hour ownership?verification and antitheft information. If the plate is removed, an indelible?tattoo is etched into the cover of the laptop. All laptops are registered?in STOP’s database. There is no cost for this service. For departments?wishing to register University-owned equipment, the charge is $10.00 and?includes the plate and lifetime registration. For more ?information about?the Laptop Registration Program, please contact Det. Lt. Kelley O’Connell at 617-353-3436 or

Please note that individual laptop registrations are done BY APPOINTMENT?at the Boston University Police Department station, located at 32 Harry?Agganis Way, across from the Agganis Arena. Arrangements can be made for Departments looking to register several computers. Download the laptop registration form?which can be?filled out online (PDF). Please print and bring the form for your appointment?or email the form prior to your appointment.

Laptop Registration Form