About the Provost

Jean Morrison was named University Provost and Chief Academic Officer of Boston University in January 2011. She provides leadership for the University’s overall academic, budgetary and planning processes and oversight of its academic programs, research, global programs, enrollment, and student affairs.

Provost Morrison is the University’s 2nd-ranking officer and oversees the academic deans of BU’s 17 schools and colleges. Since her appointment, she has overseen several key efforts designed to enhance BU’s academic quality and global competitiveness, including the development of a University-wide process for academic program review, the launch of a University-wide Arts Initiative, and the establishment of new Associate Provost positions to lead and oversee the University’s efforts in graduate education, digital learning and innovation, and diversity and inclusion.

A geologist by training, Provost Morrison’s research in earth sciences has focused on understanding the evolution of the earth’s crust over time, with particular emphasis on the physiochemical characteristics in earthquake fault systems, as well as the properties of the earth’s deep crust. She has served as an editor of the Journal of Metamorphic Geology and associate editor of both the American Mineralogist and the Geological Society of America Bulletin, where she is also a Fellow. Prior to her arrival at BU, she was a professor of earth science and Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at the University of Southern California.

At BU, Provost Morrison is a professor in the Department of Earth & Environment. She received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1988; her MS from the University of Georgia in 1983; and her BA from Colgate University in 1980.

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