My CV Module Details


The profile module allows faculty and other academics to maintain identifying information such as name and contact information, as well as CV and Biosketch information, including:

  • Overview statement
  • Academic Appointments
  • Non-Academic Appointments
  • Education
  • Language and Competencies
  • Websites

Data that is currently held in BU’s SAP system will be pre-populated into the profile module; this includes BU academic and administrative appointments, degrees, and contact information.


The Publications module is automatically populated by a tool that searches external sources for publications that belong to you based on your search settings. Once these publications are populated into My CV, you can claim or reject them. If they?fall within BU’s Open Access Policy,? they will be automatically flagged.?You will be able to deposit these works, and any others you?wish,?into OpenBU through the My CV interface. For more information about BU’s Open Access Policy, please see the FAQ page on the Boston University Libraries site.


The Grants module will pre-populate your grants from BU’s Kuali Research system. You will be able to enter additional grants through the My CV user interface.

Teaching Activities

The Teaching Activities module provides a place for you to add various teaching activities including courses taught, courses developed, and mentorships. This module will be pre-populated with course information from the BU Registrar System.

Professional Activities

The Professional Activities module provides a place for you to add a wide array of professional activities in which you are and have been involved. These may include memberships, community service, committee membership, and consulting experiences.