Program Learning Outcomes Assessment at Boston University provides faculty a means to ask a fundamental question about the programs they design and teach: by completing a given set of courses and other requirements, do students actually acquire, in the end, the particular knowledge, skills, habits of mind, and attitudes faculty intend? If not—or if not fully enough—what pedagogical and curricular reforms can be undertaken to improve student learning? A similar question can be asked of the co-curricular and extra-curricular programs that contribute so significantly to a well-rounded education at BU.

Program Learning Outcomes Assessment at Boston University is overseen by the Council of Deans. It is coordinated and facilitated by Gillian Pierce, Assistant Provost for Academic?Assessment. University Working Committees, comprised of representatives from the schools and colleges, meet regularly with the Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment to share information and best practices, and to coordinate the University’s effort.

Staff Contacts

Emma Zheng
Administrative Coordinator