Stine Grodal

Assistant Professor of Strategy & Innovation, Questrom School of Business

Stine Grodal is an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Boston University. Her main stream of research?examines institutional change. In particular she investigates the emergence of new organizational fields and organizations’?responses to changes in their institutional environment by asking how institutional logics, symbols and localized meaning?structures facilitate and constrain change processes and firms’ strategic actions. She is interested in the use of labels and?categories, and the role labels and categories play as carries of meaning and agents of change. She investigates how labels?assume multiple meanings across institutional contexts, and how organizations use labels in order to redefine boundaries and?meaning structure, attract resources, and improve their competitive advantage. Before coming to Boston University Stine?received a PhD in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University and a BA and MA in psychology from the?University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Nanotechnology
  • Industry emergence
  • Commercialization of science
  • Image management
  • Symbolic managment
  • Innovation
  • Tobacco